your wallet

Instant budget, save, and spend insights

Start each week with a light
expense projection

Get an idea of your upcoming weekly expenses and easily
compare them with your spendings to stay within your budget. Walletifai considers your unique financial lifestyle
to provide valuable outlooks.

Get the latest on your weekly expenditures, through your bank account.

Security is our top priority

We use the industry standard for mobile banking security.

Using Plaid to pair your bank account with our application
ensures your money is safe and all your sensitive
information is protected.

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Instantly track recurring payments

Quickly view your up and coming recurring expenses with a detailed
breakdown of subscriptions and bills.

Use our all-in-one dashboard to see all your essential expenses in one
place and identify any unexpected payments charged to your account.

Get instant alerts for upcoming and missed payments

Get notified when a payment is missed, a double charge has happened, or a
bill is due. Avoid the surprise of unexpected payments.

Up to date, all in one with every bill payment. Report every double charge &
late fees. Stay on top of all unexpected expenses.

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Saving Challenge:

upcoming and missed payments

Challenge yourself to save more! Building good saving habits takes practice.
Walletifa's Saving Challenge takes you through a significantly
distinguishable journey to help you improve your saving skills while saving

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What people are saying

"1 day after downloading, Walletifai already reminded me 5 long-forgotten subscriptions that I have had for quite a long time. My monthly bill instantly goes down by $100."


Product Designer

"I have 10 different credit cards. Walletifai saved me about 2 hours the first month I started using it. I don't have to go through my transaction details that often anymore."


UX Designer

"I like how walletifai predicts my future expenses.
Plus, it's really good at notifying upcoming bills,
so I never forget to pay them on time!"


Financial Advisor

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to our premium features?

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