General information

Setting up and logging into Walletifai is simple and can be done in a few steps:

  1. Create an institution in the app by selecting Sign up.
  2. Once you've set up an institution and verified your email, securely connect your bank institution by following the prompts from Plaid.
  3. That's it! Now you can start tracking and saving on your payments.

Once you securely connect your bank institution to Walletifai, all your recurring subscriptions will appear in the recurring overview page. If you have other payments not associated with your bank institution, you can add them into the app by selecting the + in the top right.

Follow the steps by entering the payment name and amount. Once your done Walletifai will add it to your budget and provide our predictive estimates for the charge.

Users can follow the following steps and delete their Walletifai institutions:

  1. Sign into your Walletifai institution
  2. Tap profile icon
  3. Go to manage institutions
  4. Select delete institution
  5. Confirm delete institution

As soon as you connect your bank account to the app, our machine learning algorithms help you build the steps towards making smarter choices. We follow bank level security standards to help you connect your accounts.

The main features that the app offers:

  1. Spending Overview: Our machine learning algorithm predicts your future expenses and also keeps track of what you spend. Not only it predicts and tracks your overall spending, but also it gives you a nice breakdown by spending category. Having both predicted and spent amounts side-by-side gives you a good insight into identifying the categories that you prefer to spend less on, and save up faster for your next big purchase.

  2. Recurring Expenses Overview: Walletifai automatically detects all your bills and subscriptions, their next due dates, and the history of your payments. You can see all your essential expenses nicely listed in one place. Also, you no longer need to worry about remembering your bills' next due date, we will notify you when they are due.

  3. Alerts: Have you ever paid overdraft fees for being just a few dollars short for a bill or subscription, simply because you didn't know you didnt' have the balance in your account?

Have you ever lost track of the number of transactions in a month and got auto charged for exceeding the limit?

We are here to help you avoid these and many more problems via our intelligent alerting system. Walletifai notifications can be customized to warn you of issues that would often go unnoticed. Prevent paying for penalties and extra fees by enabling notifications like missed payments, double charges, potential overdraft, large transactions, bill due dates, and transaction limits. And more is coming!

  1. Potential Overdraft: This alert notifies you if there is insufficient funds to pay for upcoming bills and other recurring expenses, which would result in a bank overdraft.

  2. Double Charge: You see this alert as soon as you are charged twice for the same purchase.

  3. Missed Payment: If a bill was not paid on the date they were due, the app will warn you to ensure that no payments are forgotten.

  4. Large Transaction Notification: the app will notify you when a large sum of money has been spent through your account.

  5. Transaction Limit: Those of you who use bank packages with a limited number of transactions, know how hard it is to keep track of transactions left until the end of the month. Walletifai app keeps track of them and fires off an alert when you are getting close to your limit.

  6. Overdraft: If your account goes into a negative balance, the app will immediately alert you.

  7. Upcoming bills: You will get notified when the long-term subscriptions and bill payments due dates are coming up in the near term. It's to prevent any forgotten and missed payments.

  8. Low balance: The app will warn you if you have less than a manually defined balance on your account.

  9. Credit limit: If you surpass a manually defined limit on your credit card, you will be immediately alerted by the app.

From the Spending Overview, go to View All Transactions on the top left side of the screen, adjust the date range through the calendar to see your transaction. Then, swipe to the left and follow the steps to change the transaction category.

About Walletifai

Walletifai, is a simple to use budgeting app that provides you features your bank app is missing. Including advanced subscription management and bill tracking. Using AI and predictive algorithms we show you how much you are expected to spend on bills and payments up to a month in advance.

We also plan to roll out in the coming months and advanced saving solution, based on your spending habits, we will provide you insights on the areas you can cut back spending and save.

You can have a piece of mind knowing Walletifai's AI algorithm works for you, securely and instantly to provide you with the best experience in mobile budgeting.

Empowered by machine learning technology, Walletifai helps you build steps towards taking the most out of your money, by making smarter choices more visible to you. By monitoring the predicted future expenses and tracking your spendings, you will start seeing the type of expenses that, if skipped, could help you save faster for your next big purchase. In addition, you will start spending less time managing your repetitive recurring expenses and stop paying extra fees and charges due to losing track of your account balances and limits.

Walletifai focuses on maximizing your budget and boosting your saving capacity by leveraging machine learning technology and automating budgeting work for you. The complexity behind your financial life is simplified and brought to you in digestible pieces which results in freeing up your time and mind to craft the steps towards a more successful life.

by connecting your bank accounts to the app, you get to understand your past and future expenses as well as your essential vs non-essential expenses. In addition, you don’t need to worry about missing out on actions needed. They will be brought to your attention, only when needed.

Walletifai eliminates your need to manually record and budget your expenses. We make sure that money management is less of a daily duty and more of an automated component of your life.


We understand the importance of keeping our user's data safe so we use bank-level security to protect the data. Walletifai complies with the financial industry' standards of 3rd Party PCI DSS compliance. Our website and app are secured with 256-bit encryption and secure SSL connections.

We use the data transfer network called Plaid, a trusted third-party used by large financial institutions like Coinbase, American Express and Venmo. When you connect your bank institution, you will be asked to enter your online banking information. However, we don't have access to these credentials. Your credentials will be sent via Plaid to your bank and Plaid will then send back an encrypted token for us to access your read-only transaction history.

Walletifai regularly conducts security audits and addresses any issues preemptively to protect the information of our users. To bring a security issue to our attention please, please email info@walletifai.com.

Our information security program is designed to meet and exceed industry standards for mobile banking security.

The combination of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) help keep sensitive data safe. Modern web and mobile applications use a technology called Transport Layer Security (TLS) to help protect data in-transit from unauthorized third-parties. Walletifai uses TLS for all information exchanges between the Walletifai customers and financial institutions.

We also protect data by applying the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to our product infrastructure and related processes that may involve transferring or processing data.

Using secure cloud infrastructure technologies and monitoring systems, to host Walletifai, helps us add a robust layer of firewall in front of our services and protect your data within it...

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