JUN 29, 2022

What is the Walletifai app?

How many times have you felt like you're spending too much money, without knowing where it all went? Walletifai is a smart personal finance app that helps you prioritize, manage, reduce your spending, and self-monitor your spending behavior. It provides a comprehensive overview of your expenses at a glance at any time, and uses machine learning to categorize expenses, detect and track bills, and predict your spending from one paycheck to another. Our mission is to help you make excellent short term financial decisions that maximize your wallet.

Predictive budgeting

Predictive budgeting is a signature feature of the Walletifai app. Walletifai uses machine learning to automatically generate a personalized budget and predict your spending for each paycycle based on your unique spending habits and transaction data. Our app does this by identifying patterns in your spending and using them to predict the amount you'll need for future transactions, giving you a clearer picture of what you can expect to spend every paycycle.

All your banking in one place

Walletifai makes it simple to see all your banking information in one place. Add all your accounts credit cards, checking, and savings, and get a holistic view of where your money goes. Walletifai uses the well-known secure platform Plaid to fetch your banking data. It then applies a set of smart processes to make the data useful to you. The bank connection process takes under 5 minutes to set up so that you can start taking advantage of our budgeting assistant right away.

Automate expense tracking

Forget about the time you used your debit card to buy that $7.00 coffee. Say goodbye to checking your bank account balance and seeing a bunch of charges you don't remember making. Walletifai utilizes your banking data to tell you where you spend most of your money, what types of things you buy, and even how much you spend on specific types of things (like gas or food) automatically.

Recurring bill and subscription detection

Walletifai is designed to help you get organized, save time, and avoid unnecessary expenses. Walletifai allows you to automatically detect subscriptions and recurring bills so you can stop stressing about invisible charges or payments. The Walletifai app helps you track all your subscriptions and recurring bills on one simple digital dashboard.

Spending alerts

Have you ever struggled to avoid going above your chequing account's transaction limit? Or to avoid paying overdraft penalties because your chequing account was just a few dollars short? Well we have a solution for you. The Walletifai app sends you alerts when your recurring bills increase in price or when your transactions during a cycle go above your expected amount. Our alert set is useful for people that are often blindsided by hidden price increases from regular bills. With Walletifai, you'll be able to get instant notifications for price changes in your bills as well as alerts for when you are approaching transaction limits.


If you're looking for a personal money management app that can help you estimate your spending and budget, as well as help you track every expense, check out Walletifai. Our app helps users have their personal finances automatically organized in front of them at all times with just a simple phone tap.