So it all started like the best ideas do...

... at a local cafe in downtown Toronto where we talked for hours about how we thought the future would look like. Amongst all those reasonably crazy discussions we kept coming back to one topic and that was "how our financial life will change". Coming across it a few times, we started getting a little bit into the newer solutions out there and eventually decided to contribute into shaping up that future.

We decided there and then that whatever we build should be simple but smart. It should be simple and yet do good, like help people save smarter, help them practice the skill of saving, give them insight into the future of their spending. We believed and still believe that the biggest step towards improving something is to know it well first and we want to make sure everyone knows how their money is spent before helping them improve their positive cash flow.

Couple of years in, we are not only living and breathing those goals, but also shaping them day by day.

Walletifai Today

Today, we have this amazing team of passionate hard-workers who believe in the vision that Walletifai represents and they do their best every single day to build the modern financial era with us.

We are thrilled that after finishing VentureLab's Pre-Accelerator Support Program, we were selected as one of the fast growing startups in residence which got us an opportunity to apply for one of the VentureLAB growth programs called Tech Undivided.

On top of that, we recently entered Ryerson University's DMZ Fast Track program which empowers startups at our stage to grow even faster and become investment ready.

We are certain that with the help we receive from these two programs, we will grow to provide our best service to our users day in and day out.

Our culture

We are looking for smart creatives who are passionate about what they do. They have overcome the fear of failure and know that the only way to win is to try again and try harder every time.

In our team, we live and breath challenging each other on ideas and opinions. Sometimes we drop all of it to go for a run or play guitar hero together.

The Walletifai team

Our team stays connected with Slack and Zoom while working from their homes,
co-working spaces and coffee shops - wherever there is an internet connection!

Want to join us?

We are looking for talented, passionate and fun people to join the
Walletifai team. Browse our open positions and apply if you think
you'd be a great fit!

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